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Enthusiasm runs high for clubs and organizations at Pali High. A majority of students participate in one or more clubs which include community-focused groups such as Human Rights Watch and Envirothon; social/cultural clubs such as Latino Student Union, Jewish Student Union, and Gay-Straight Alliance; arts groups such as Photo Club, Film Club, and Gaming; and clubs that support student interests such as Robotics, Chess Club, Anime Club and Geocaching, among many others. 

CLUBS 2015-2016

Club Name President Contact Email Advisor Advisor Email Meeting Day Meeting Room
1girl LA Expansion club Jhyre Alvarado Lisa Saxon Monday/Lunch D104
A Call Away Olivia Stutman, Amber Perry, Zoe Stutman,, Kung Tuesday/Lunch F204
Aiding the Vets Brandon Nisani Jackson Thursday/Lunch U115
Always Caring Together (ACT) Ethan Roofian Mittelbach Oct. 7/Lunch J122
American Cancer Society Club Malaya Nordyke Mr. Castro Tuesday/Lunch A208
Autism Youth Ambassadors Ailyn Ventura, Katelyn Carpio Crystal Adams Friday/lunch D203
Book Cylce Kayla Poursalimi, Ramzi Mondays/Lunch D205
Cakes for Causes Emily Canas Balatayo Wednesday/lunch A207
Cans for the Good Michael Shemian, Kian Farahdel Strouse Thursdays/Lunch G206
Cards for Kids Casey Longstreet Passan Fridays/Lunch U103
Child Abuse Prevention Association Group Celine Nassir Agius Wednesday/lunch F203
Club Paradise Katelyn Carpio, Celeste Jimenez, Ackerman Lunch D102
Cozy Home Club Chloe Shad Nance Monday/Lunch A201
Dolphins Against Genocide Molly Scott Korbonski Tuesday/Lunch F106
Environmental Healing Club Laoura Parkhomovskaya, Michelle Bukman, Renata Robins, Jacqueline Hendriks, Tyra Johnson,,, Korbonski Tuesday/Lunch F106
Green Youth Movement Matteo Weniz Nance Thursday/Lunch A201
Guys for Eyes Adam Selki Ramzi Wednesday/lunch D205
Habitat for Humanity Camellia Kashani Passan Thursday/Lunch U103
Heal the Bay Club Emmarose Driver Engelmann Thursday/Lunch J101
Helping Humanity Sophie Rothenberg, Megan Lewis Jesson Thursday/Lunch U101
Homeless Awareness Nicole Gorini        
Hunger Heros Olivia Maybank NO EMAIL GIVEN Van Name Wednesday/lunch G201
Interact Club Ariana Laleh Abtahi Angelica Pereyra Thursday/Lunch E103
Kenya Donate Shoes Connor Smith Jesson Thursday/Lunch U101
Key Club Shadi Keyvani Patterson Monday/Lunch G203
KIWINS Bronte Sorotosky Klima Tuesday/Lunch F103
Lady Bugs Forever Daniella Juarez Korbonski Friday/7th F106
Latino Student Union TBD Cervantes Tuesday/Lunch A205
Lets play ball Dylan Schonbuch, Jordan Seibel, Giribaldi Wednesday/lunch C201
Life Rolls on Club Kayla Melamed, Nicolette Khalifan, Jesson Tuesday/Lunch U101
Lyrical Love Aaron Rad, Cydney Krone Elson Tuesday/Lunch M101
Make A Wish Zoe Stutman, Amber Perry, Kung Tuesday/Lunch F204
Making Strides Ashley Levi, Chelsea Levi, Passan Monday/Lunch U103
Media Club Maude Tipton, Sam Slavltin Passan Wednesday/lunch U103
Medical Waste Management Club Shrati Sharma King Monday/Lunch F104
Music for All Gene Tanaka Stoyanovich Wednesday/Lunch M110
New Ark Mission Club Tara Hochberg, Isabella Militchin, Jackson   Wednesday/lunch U115
NICA Club Lily Green Rivera Thursday/Lunch U111
Pali Buddies Claudia McCann, Cleo Hoffman, Estes Wednesday/lunch J110
Pali Democratic Club Ben Wolman        
Path(People Assisting the Homeless) John Rinquist        
Paynes Play Greten Payne Passan Tuesday/Lunch U103
Pennies For Eductaion Mariam Zafar Khan Jesson Wednesday/lunch U101
Red Cross Amy Shao, Nadia Tahsmi, King Monday/Lunch F204
Roads to Your Future Club Amir Ebtehadj Saghafi Wednesday/lunch G101
Save A Life Nicole Bral Saxon Wednesday/lunch D104
School on Wheels Ashley Miller Johnson Lunch D207
Sports for Change Will Holbrow, Ethan Rautbort, Grant Ebner Paleno Tuesday/Lunch U117
Stand Up to Cancer Club Donna Kharrazi Kung Tuesday/Lunch F2014
Students for Safe Water Anita Grigore Strouse Wednesday/lunch G206
Suicide Prevention Micah Victor Cohen Sallus        
Surfrider Foundation Gabriel Etaat R. Patterson Lunch G205
The Driving Force Michelle Safransky        
The Moana Club Marissa Angelich, Elise Angelich, Erin McMahon Englemann Tuesday/Lunch J101
Toyz for Totz Ashley Banayan Englemann Monday/Lunch J101
Unicef Club Eli Masjedi Perez Thursday/Nutrition D107
WLA Pet Shelter Mckenna Brown Dorff Monday/Lunch U104
Casa Hogar Emma Sims Passan Thursday/Lunch U103
Breast Cancer Awareness Ryan Nisani   Pereyra Monday/Lunch E103
The Green Dolphins Renata Robins Engelmann Tuesday/Lunch J101


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