Visual and Performing Arts
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The Palisades Charter High School Visual and Performing Arts Department’s mission is to create a learning environment where a student can explore, create and develop the skills needed for the creation and the appreciation of visual and performing art forms. Our aim is to increase aesthetic literacy and promote respect for the arts of all cultures, both past and present.

See Art, Ceramics, Dance, Drama, Film & Video, Music and Photography.

The goals of our department are designed for students to be successful in meeting the standards that are outlined in the Visual and Performing Arts Framework for California Public Schools and the National Art Education Association.

Our department has worked to create a program of quality, rigor, choice, with opportunities for creative expression and continuous growth. Students who have graduated from our program have been accepted to art schools and universities throughout the country. Upon completion of their college studies, many were able to find employment in their desired fields of interest.

The VAPA department acknowledges the concepts of the National Art Education Association and our courses are designed to foster a broadened understanding in all four aspects of art -- perceiving, performing, appreciating and critiquing.

Assessment of student work is performance based and also embedded in the curriculum. The members of our department work collaboratively sharing resources and experiences with the goal of having our students develop self-confidence and self-expression.