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The Discipline office enforces the consequences to school rules that are broken by students.  But in doing so all people in the office have the goal of assisting the student to be successful.  All personnel are constantly looking for cues to identify students at risk. There is usually more to the picture than just the act itself.

The goal of the office is to create the proper atmosphere for education with the safety of everyone as the number one concern.  The office promotes the philosophy of students to come to us if they are concerned about another student's well being, be it a drug issue, a potential fight, self harm or bullying of any kind.

There is absolutely no tolerance of any form of bullying.  We do not want silence regarding this issue.  The first goal of the discipline office when dealing with a bullying situation is to not make it worse for the target. We want all targets of this behavior to come to our office so we can help solve the situation.

Please feel free to contact any of our staff at any time.  We have been told by a number of students and parents what a nice campus atmosphere we have compared to previous schools, and that we have such amazing faculty, counselors etc. who constantly demonstrate that they care.

If any parent or community member is aware of any kind of safety issue they can call one of the Deans or the Assistant Principal directly and we can keep all information confidential. This has helped in the past to identify an issue and prevent something from occurring, catch somebody doing the wrong thing or help a student at risk.

We also promote an atmosphere of respect for one another and the campus itself. Basically,we ask the students to do the following four things:

    1.  Be to class on time
    2.  Bring all the necessary materials to class
    3.  Perform to the best of their ability
    4.  Be respectful to one another and the campus itself
With our fair and positive approach, students who do continually fail to do the basic four things above or in other ways disrupt the safe and educational setting at Pali will be dealt with appropriately.
The Parent-Student Handbook has more detailed info regarding discipline.
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Room U-110

Russel Howard
Assistant Principal
Director of Student Activities, Athletics, and Discipline
(310) 230-6632

Kelly Loftus
(310) 230-7234

John Lissauer
(310) 230-7226

Joleta Simmons
Office Assistant
(310) 230-7228


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