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Technical Education

Technical Education provides high school students the opportunity to get a head start on preparing for college and careers. Pali High offers a full range of career and technical education classes, including:

Clothing and Textiles

In accordance with his or her present capacities, the student will grow in ability to:

  • Learn how to work safely in the clothing lab.
  • Learn how to select, use and care for sewing tools and equipment.
  • Learn how to select patterns and fabric.
  • Learn how to make wise consumer decisions.
  • Construct two or more garments using a commercial pattern.
  • Evaluate each project constructed for appearance & quality of construction.
Computer Programming

This course is designed to expose students to the basic concepts of programming and prepare them for future programming coursework. Students will learn and utilize the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Methodology, which is fundamental to critical thinking and problem solving. New technology trends and the Internet will also be covered.

Data Processing

This course is designed to famiiarize you with all the basic aspects of data processing, such as the different components of a personal computer, including hardware and software. You will also learn the basic and more advanced features of the MIcrosoft Office products:  Microsoft Word, Mircrosoft Excel, and an intro to Microsoft PowerPoint.  The course will also include an introduction to programming using QBASIC.

Foods and Nutrition
Foods and Nutrition is considered to be a technical art.  Prior knowledge of the topic is not necessary, however students need to have had a basic mathematics course.  The scope of Foods and Nutrition includes recipes that represent general cooking procedures.  Recipes are analyzed in a scientific manner, teaching basic chemistry, biology and physics principles so that students have a deep understanding of not only what they are cooking, but how the combinations of ingredients react to create the end product (food).  Students are asked to evaluate and analyze their products, and are given grades based on their proficiency.
Graphic Arts
Graphic Arts is a class in which students will learn to create graphics and illustrations. Using industry standard programs, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, students will learn basic principles that cna lead to a future as a working progressional. This class is designed to give students with no formal graphic design training a reasonable introduction into the world of graphics.

Independent Living
The objective of this course is to prepare students for success in an increasingly complex and demanding environment.  Topics to be covered are:

  • Decision-making; recognizing values and setting goals.
  • Money management: check writing and reconciling a checkbook.
  • Consumerism: advertising, supermarket strategies and the language of merchandising.
  • Measurement equivalents and cost calculation of the food we can make in contrast to fast food.
  • MyPlate nutritional guidelines.  Your own food log and nutrition report.
  • Hand sewing; basic stitches including button applications; fantasy animals.    

Parenting & Child Development
Course Description:  The objective of the Parenting and Child Development instructional program is to prepare students to understand the physical, intellectual, emotional and social growth and development of children through age five as well as their care and guidance.

Information Processing
Information Processing covers a broad use of personal computers, providing students with a hands-on, project-oriented curriculum to promote learning of software applications, core academic standards, and practical skills. School and State standards for Business Education, Reading/Language Arts, Mathematics, Health Education, Social Studies, Science, and other subjects will be addressed through projects covering the following topics:

  • Applications: word processing, spreadsheets, database, and multimedia
  • Research using authoritative online databases
  • Other relevant topics, including: history of electronic computers; current hardware and software technology; operating systems and network environments

The course units include:

  • Keyboard familiarization and skills; desktop workstations and network environments
  • Word processing:  Microsoft Word and iWork Pages
  • Spreadsheets:  Microsoft Excel and iWork Numbers
  • Database - Microsoft Excel
  • Presentation:  Microsoft PowerPoint and iWork Keynote
  • Online Research:  Subscription databases and other Internet sources
  • Multimedia:  Photo Booth, Photoshop Elements, iLife Suite, etc.

Internet Publishing
This competency-based course provides students with technical instruction and practical experience in grammar application, computer operating systems, the fundamentals of word processing, desktop publishing elements and principles, features and functions of professional desktop publishing software programs, proofreading and editing, features and functions of professional graphics software, job planning and development, paste-up techniques, resoure management and employability/entrepreneurial skills. Students will also learn about technical instruction and practical experience in computer operating systems, the fundamentals of Internet publishing, software programs including MS App, Adobe Flash, GarageBand, and iTunes to create dynamic digital media for publishing online.

Knitting (Fiber Arts)
We will cover the two basic stitches that make up knitting and will work to combine these into projects such as scarves, hats, blankets, toys sweaters...anything and everything you can imagine, we can knit it!

Teen Living
The major emphasis of this course is to understand growth and behavior patterns of adolescence; relationships with family and peers; personal responsibility; mind and body; life skills; and personal finance issues.

Work Experience
Work Experience Education is an elective course that combines paid employment with classroom instructions. Students attend their own jobs during the week as well as attending class sessions equivalent to one class period per week. Students will develop work habits, attitudes, self-confidence, job skills, and a resume that can be used to locate, secure and retain employment in the community. Students must have an approved, legally paid job while enrolled in this elective. The course curriculum includes how to get a job, how to keep a job, how to leave a job, economic awareness, and career awareness.

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