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The PCHS schoolwide goals are developed annually with the PCHS Board of Trustees. The goals incorporate stakeholder input and are based on the PCHS Long Term Strategic Plan (LTSP) and WASC Action Plan. The goals are revisited monthly in board and LTSP meetings throughout the school year to ensure that the school is progressing. LTSP stakeholder teams meet monthly to prioritize goals, review progress, make recommendations, and develop budget proposals for the coming school year.


The following goals were developed for the 2015-16 school year.


2015-16 Schoolwide Goals (pdf)


Goal 1.  PCHS will establish appropriate types of communication for all stakeholders in order to ensure a respectful well-informed community, sincere acknowledgement of communication, and an understanding of the proper avenues of communications.

·      Develop and/or revise communications related policies including the PCHS Acceptable Use Policy. Administration with the input of key stakeholders will clearly define the parameters of acceptable use, as well as the consequences for not doing so by the start of second semester.

·       Establish how policies and norms will be enforced, communicate broadly to the school community, and hold stakeholders accountable by the start of second semester.

·      Increase positive communication with parents by providing training on available systems (Online programs including Schoology and Infinite Campus), informational meetings, and opportunities to provide feedback each semester. Post technology tutorials on Schoology and the school website.

·      Provide parent training, informational meetings, and opportunities to provide feedback at satellite locations and on Saturdays with an interpreter.


Goal 2.  PCHS will ensure that curriculum will be aligned vertically andhorizontally to enhance student success in all subjects.

·      Curriculum Council and Department Chairs will conduct departmental/program needs assessments and provide goals, which address vertical and horizontal alignment by the October Curriculum Council/Department Chair meeting.

·      Hold subject and grade level articulations before the end of first semester to establish curriculum alignment to each other and to state standards. Ensure that the content agreed upon is sufficiently provided to students.

·      Address horizontal curriculum alignment through PLCs. Common assessments developed/revised as needed, administered, and analyzed with evidence provided in PLC notebooks assessed at the end of each semester.

·      Incorporate technology and research skills in alignment with content. Teach technology and research skills by grade level.

·      Hold articulation meetings with Paul Revere Charter Middle School through spring matriculation process and scheduled curriculum discussions.


Goal 3.  PCHS will increase student success through positive classroom climate and increasing student pass rates.

·      Review and revise as needed school, program, department, and individual classroom grading and make-up policies to ensure procedures are equitable and support success throughout the school. Process to be concluded by end of first semester to be implemented at the start of second semester.

·      Increase positive feedback and interactions within all classrooms as measured by student surveys (fall and spring).

·      Increase academic language and conversation in classrooms to be measured through inclusion in lesson plans and student assessments. Semester review via PLC notebooks.

·      Increase classroom supports for struggling students. Each teacher will submit intervention (RTI or R and R) strategies used in her/his classroom with the PLC notebook reviewed each semester.

·      Increase students pass rates in all subject areas (C or better) by 3% (annual goal).

·      Increase CAASPP scores by 5% (annual goal).


Goal 4.  PCHS will establish procedures/norms to foster a positive school climate and to build trust among Board members, administrators, faculty and staff, students and parents.

·      Provide in-service training that focuses on key administrative functions such as decision-making, framing the message (communication/accountability), conflict resolution, and team building.

·      Review and update charter tenants, policies, and procedures so that all stakeholders understand and recommit to the philosophy and goals of the charter and the roles each plays for it to be successful (Charter Committee by the start of second semester).

·      Develop a two-year action plan that addresses the goals of improving communication, decision-making, and accountability. The plan will address tasks to be accomplished, responsible stakeholders involved, timeline for completion, and both a summative and formative evaluation that will measure success. The action plan will be developed in cooperation with the leadership of the stakeholders. Action plan to be completed by the end of first semester for dissemination in January, 2016.

·      Conduct two surveys (fall/spring), assessing organizational climate and the accomplishment of the recommendations provided.


Goal 5.  PCHS will identify all current funding sources in an effort to expand support for Palisades Charter High School.

·      Identify all organizations affiliated with PCHS that hold 501.c.3 status for budgeting and planning purposes.

·      Develop and adopt a fundraising policy as recommended by independent auditors.

·      Explore and pursue grant opportunities that support school needs.

·      Consult with development professionals to determine feasibility of having staff dedicated to fundraising for PCHS.

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