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Introduction to Art-Grades 9-12

This one year course is designed to provide basic introduction to the creation and appreciation of art for students with little or no experience in taking an art class. Students will learn about the vocabulary of art, experiment with the processes and media of making art, and examine the work of artists in both western and non-western cultures.

Advanced Painting and Drawing-Grades 10-12

This course is designed for students  interested in further development of knowledge and skills in the visual arts through completion of advanced projects.  Students will continue to refine their skills and techniques and begin to develop their own artistic style. In addition to portfolio work, students are expected  to expand  their aesthetic perceptions in order to make informed aesthetic judgments about their own work as well as the work of artists both past and present.

Advanced Placement Studio Art

The Advanced Placement Studio Art is a college-level course designed for students with above-average ability in art. The course is an in-depth studio experience in which students compile a portfolio of quality two-dimensional artwork in accordance with the guidelines established by the Advanced Placement program committee of the College Entrance Examination Board.

This course enables highly motivated students to do college level work in studio art while in high school.  AP Studio Art is not based on a written exam.  Students submit a portfolio of work for evaluation at the end of the school year.  Course work involves a significant amount of time; therefore, this course is intended for students seriously committed to studying art.  Students participating in this course are required to produce high quality artwork and will understand that the process of making art is ongoing and involves the sustained use of their critical thinking skills as well as technical competence in the use of art media. Their submitted portfolios should reflect their mastery of these skills in each section of the exam.

Drawing & Painting 1AB
Ms. Pereyra

The major goal of this course is to develop the student’s ability to express ideas visually through drawing and painting.

Emphasis is on skills to improve object representation using line, shape, texture, value and color.  Students will learn about these elements of art through the use of wet and dry color media.  Students will also learn the guidelines that artists follow when they work with these basic art components.  These guidelines, also known as the principles of art, are unity, variety, balance, contrast, emphasis, pattern, proportion, rhythm and movement.

The exploration of color theories and art historical styles relative to the drawing and painting projects will be examined.  Students will become knowledgeable about the role of powerful images within the context of social justice and human rights history. Throughout the semester students will participate in classroom critiques where they will be expected to demonstrate their knowledge of the concepts presented in class.

This course prepares students for advanced classes in art, success in college, in their careers, and daily lives in the 21st century, by helping students develop their abilities to:

  • Explore the concept of Identity, Culture, and Community
  • Think critically and Problem Solve
  • Work cooperatively with others and
  • Communicate ideas clearly through artistic, verbal, and written expression

It is my intention as an educator to make art accessible as a language and a tool for all students willing to grow academically.

Advanced Placement Art History

Advanced Placement Art History is a yearlong sequential survey course that focuses primarily on the art of the Western world. However, during the school year there will be time set aside to examine major works from Non- Western cultures. This course attempts to provide a broad overview of the history of art beginning with prehistoric art and ending with the art of this century. Although the range of methodologies now available in teaching the history of art has grown considerably, this class will focus on the study of art utilizing both formal stylistic analysis as well as a contextual approach.

9th Grade-Art History (Pod)

The Art component of this pod is designed to introduce students to the important role of the visual arts in the development of ancient civilizations in western society. Initially the students are introduced to acquiring a visual vocabulary, which is necessary in order to examine works of art from both a critical and historical viewpoint. Following this overview, the students will begin their studies with the art and architecture of the ancient Greek world and continue through to the Renaissance in Western Europe. The primary focus of study will be on cultural diversity and achievement and how these are reflected in the ideas, art, and religious beliefs of these cultures. The important role of the visual arts and the common denominators that also existed in these various societies will also be explored. Particular emphasis will be placed on the crowning achievements in the fields of art and architecture.



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