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Transportation FAQ

Q:  Can we make our monthly payment at school?

A:  Yes. A representative from Tumblewood Transportation stops by the school on a specific day around the end of the month to collect the transportation fee.  Cash or check is acceptable.

Q: If my child is only riding the bus for part of a particular month is there a way to pay by the week or pay a reduced fee?

A: Use of Palisades Charter High School transportation is a privilege governed by an annual agreement. If for any reason, your son/daughter is not taking the school bus for part of the month or the entire month, you are still obligated to pay for the entire month. A finite number of seats are reserved for our students. There is no partial payment accepted.

Q: In months where there are less school days due to holidays and/or breaks must I pay the entire monthly fee?

A: Yes. For families paying month-to-month, this monthly fee is not based on a “per ride” fee but rather a total payment for the whole year divided equally into 10 increments. For example, students ride the bus for only two weeks in December due to Winter Break, the transportation fee for December is still due in full.

Q: I am able to pick up my child from school on the way home from work. May I pay for a one way ride to the school?

A: No. There is no one way ride accepted.

Q: If I pay the full annual fee in advance for the school year and my child changes schools or moves, may I be refunded the amount for the unused months?
A: Students checking out of Palisades Charter High School are entitled to a refund for any payments that were made in advance for future months. Notification must be given to the transportation office 15 days prior to the termination of use.

Q: If my child’s transportation needs change (i.e. obtains a drivers license etc.) how do I cancel the agreement and avoid future charges?

A: Please notify the transportation office if your child is no longer taking the school bus 15 days in advance of any cancellation to your transportation agreement.

Q: If we are moving but wish to maintain our transportation agreement, can we utilize a different bus route?

A: Yes, please notify the transportation department in case of a change of address or change of bus route.

Q: When are payments due? Is there a grace period?

A: Payments are due by the 1st of each month. There is no grace period. Past due accounts will be canceled within 30 days. > Make a Payment

Q: My child splits time between two homes that have different bus stops. How can I have this accommodated for?

A: If your son/daughter needs to take a different bus route periodically or for a limited time, please notify the transportation department so we can provide the student with a special pass.

Q: My child often stays later than the main dismissal time, will he/she need a notation on their identification card?

A: Yes.  Students attending seventh period or other school activities, there will be an extra sticker on their ID cards.

Q: If the bus arrives late to the campus will my child be marked tardy?

A: In case of any late buses in the morning, there will be an automatic excused tardy marked for the students.


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